Chelsea and Roma did not win a magnificent performance

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The Chelsea and Roma teams played a stunning six-goal football match according buy football predictions at Stamford Bridge, which did not win a winner. The two teams were looking for the last victory and the game went through incredible twists. Chelsea led by 2: 0, Roma turned to 2: 3, but eventually came to the most equitable 3: 3. The result found David Lewis in the 11th minute with a bomb attack outside the penalty area. At the end of the half-time a quick exchange of goals took place. Eden Hazard doubled in the 37th minute, and 180 seconds later, Alexander Kolarov cut down. In the 64th minute, One Gecko equalized with a phenomenal goal with his left leg out of the air. In the 70th minute, Jacob made the rebound full after he scored his head after a free kick in the penalty area. A quarter hour before the end, Hazard restored head to head before being replaced by the applause of the audience.

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte made three changes to the squad that surprisingly lost to Crystal Palace on Saturday. Alvaro Morata returned to play and Davidez Tappacosta replaced the injured Victor Moses. Andreas Christensen took over the defense. Kevin Stootman, who missed Napoli`s loss in Serie A over the weekend, returned to Rome. Stefan El Shaarawy also fell into the group but started off the bench. The meeting started with an enthusiastic guest game, and Chelsea managed to make its first good attack only at sixth minute. Then Eden Hazard was taken out of Baccaccio, the Belgian quickly handed over to Alvaro Morata, but the Spanish national shot weak and straight in Alison`s body. In the 10th minute, the Roma guards were again under pressure after unstoppable defense actions in front of him. That`s how it came to discovering the result. A defeated ball hit David Lewis outside the penalty area, who scored a second with his second goal after the one against Burnley in the first round of the Premier League.

This goal came a bit illogical against the background of the two teams on the pitch so far, with Roma having more control over the ball. The `Wolves` continued with their more active game, and had already returned a nil. In the 20th minute, Eden Hazard took advantage of Chelsea`s wrong pass, stole the ball and rushed into the penalty area, struck the diagonal, but he did not get it.

In the 23rd minute, Chelsea fans got up on their nails after David Lewis got to his feet and had to be given medical attention. The Brazilian, however, quickly returned to the game, barely taking a yellow card, but was resentful by the referee. Roma still kept the ball going and tried to mount attacks, but they broke into Chelsea`s well-ordered defense.

In the 30th minute the `wolves` still managed to strike, but Diego Perotti fired slightly. Seconds later, Raja Ningollan appeared as if from the right to the right of the door and fired closely after the Spoiler, but Tibor Quorto saved.

In the 34th minute the Belgian guard had to intervene again, but this time Perrotti fired lightly and rightly in his body. In the 37th minute, Chelsea came to second goal as Eden Hazard. Was that his first hit for the Sha season?

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