These are the 10 future superstars of American sport

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One of the most popular editions around the world, the GQ Magazine, has a bold look at the future of sport in the United States. The American `male bible` has identified the 10 young athletes who will become the biggest superstars in the very near future. Among the selected talents there are names that have already proven their qualities and have achieved significant successes. GQ`s selection includes most basketball and soccer players - two, with ice hockey, golf, gymnastics, American football, surfing and rock climbing. Odel Beckham Jr. (American Football)
Not a single person interested in American football is unafraid to Odel Beckham. Some fans have at least one t-shirt with his name in his wardrobe, while others buy dolls with his face to give them to their dogs before any meeting in which the New York Cants New York Writer plays. After Cam Newton`s craze from a few years ago, Beckham is now the most polarizing figure in the National Football League. Hated or loved, no one can challenge one thing - he`s a good one. His attractive grabbing and playing is well known even to the elderly in the United States. And rivals play under constant fear that Beckham can score at any moment, in every situation and from any point on the pitch. And that`s the truth.

Malary Pee (football)

It takes a lot of courage, steel nerves, a great deal of self-esteem, and above all a tremendous talent to break the traditions while you`re still a child. Mallory Pugh did it only at age 19, skipping college and moving directly to professional women`s football. She is just the second one who does such a thing. PUU refused to enroll at UCLA University to play at the World Championship for up to 20 years. She is currently developing her skills in the National Women`s Football League and is expected to emerge brilliantly during the World Women`s Championship in France in 2019. John John Florence (Surf)
The Surf, in a strange way, is a sport in which there is no real competition between the participants. They conduct one with the waves that determine their destiny in the tournaments. It was strange, then, when local surfers from the northern coast of Oahu began to talk about a local Hawaiian Russian who is the best in the world. An opinion that was even more insane given the fact that until that moment Florence had lost all the competition in which he had been involved. But all of a sudden, last year, John John won everything he could. He is a genius in his sport for the simple reason that he has actually grown up on the crest of the waves and rides the surf with the ease with which his peers ride a wheel. In addition - he radiates the class, but in an absolutely casual way. Karl-Anthony Towns (Basketball)

It`s not just the best young center in the National Basketball Association. His skills are completely absurd and even the `best` does not sound loud enough. Only 21 years in his second season with Minnesota Timberwolves, KAT is already among the biggest stars in the league, but even more - he is an example of how to play the most slender in the coming years. The muscular 213-cm youngster?

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