Greece has stayed away from the miracle, Croatia is the world

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Croatia became another World Cup member 2018 after defeating Greece in the barrages. The Chess players ended 0: 0 in the second game from soccer live stream of barrages that they had enough to take a visa for Russia after the 4: 1 win in Zagreb a day ago. The Piraeus duel did not offer great emotions, as the Croats in the long run dictated the pace, and once the beam saved the Greeks from the attack. The hosts started very aggressively in search of an early goal to return the intrigue and were close to marking a goal in the 18th minute when, after a stalemate, Papastatopoulos scored a nice shot but the ball went to the right side of the bar. There were several good Croatian stocks, and in the 29th minute the chess players were close to the goal. Perisic scored to the left, crossed a Greek defender and fired, but inaccurately.

In the 43rd minute again Perisic was close to opening the score after putting the ball into the bar. The second half began with the Croatian territorial dominance, which prevented the ball from remaining in the possession of the hosts for a long time. In the 59th minute Mitroglu managed to escape the defense and shoots 25 meters, but nothing came after. The Croats returned possession of the ball and rarely allowed the hosts to organize something interesting. In the closing minutes, the Greeks were upset and tried to hammer Subasic with shots from far away, but did not show a precise sight. Still they managed to put the ball into the net in the 79th minute, but the attack was canceled due to a clear ambush. Greece - Croatia 0: 0 (1: 4)

Greece: Karnezis, Manollas, Tsialis, Chrisostopoulos, Tzeka, Mitroglu, Bakasetas, Torosidis, Retos, Tactisidis, Papastatopoulos.

Croatia: Subasic, Vrasalko, Lovren, Vida, Strinic, Brozovic, Rakitic, Modric, Perisic, Manjukic, Kalinic.

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