Milan`s men in the opposing pennant are in the Red Book

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It happened again. After only three weeks. The matches in Athens and Naples were deeply different from one another in spirit, play and approach, but they had a common trait between them, which on one hand throws Milan into the territory of torment, and on the other hand it has a logical explanation for its infirmity in the attacking partof the game: Both times a single Rossonero failed to touch the ball in the penalty area for the entire duration of the first half.
It may seem unbelievable, but it is a fact. Goals, of course, can also be kicked from a long distance, but it is obvious that the more number of ball you have in the pennant, the higher your chance of recording a shot.

That with regard to the danger posed to the team is Susa-dependent, it has been absolutely clear for quite some time. However, it will be too simple to explain only this (insignificant) offensive productivity. The most obvious factor is the small delivery of balls in the central area of the field. And rosters are able to build interesting attacks only to the line of the third quarter of the pitch, but immediately after that they lose the ball in most cases. They are changing. Underestimate the numerical benefits. They allow their rivals to return to the right positions. Apparently there are no precise moves by midfielders and attackers.
Against the six teams in the Serie A standings, Milan scored only 4 goals, and in total they are 19 in 13 rounds;really too little. The reasons for this are many.

Often mention is made of the presentation of certain figures individually. Except for Suzo, the others do not give guarantees for offensive fireworks. Hakan Chalhanoolou and Andrea Silva still seem to have just landed on a strange planet. Giacomo Bonaventura is back in conditional terms. Frank Kessie has not shown that glitter since the start of the season. Fabio Borini is already on the back, and Nicola Kalinic is often out of the game: Napoli, for example, played 39 balls against 64 for Lorenzo Insinje and the exact passes were 27:40.
Then comes the order of slowness in the play -;yes, most of the time is precise, but too monotonous and scholastic (even when the team lags behind). There is no one who can courage to take the ball and improvise;a man who picks adviced by 11livestream up the bull for the horns of a male and stands out. But attention: it is missing not because it is not in the lineup but because -with the exception of Suzhou -;no one uses the moment for one reason or another.

Other Difficulties? For example, taking players to a goal position in central areas. In Naples, there were almost no clever and timely runs behind the defense or other offensive runs in the most neuralgic part of each team. Then there is a turn to bring enough people into the field. At some moments, we saw only two milanists facing four of Napoli`s defenders in the poll.
The match, however, brought some optimistic notes, allowing some comfort in the midst of all the grayness. Going to San Paolo and winning possession of the ball against the best team in the world?

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