The union promises a strike in 2021

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The union of NFL players promised a strike in 2021 when the current collective agreement expired.Executive Director Demos Smith Draws the Apocalyptic Scenario in an CNN Interview:

Looking at the story In 2008, the owners unilaterally terminated the two-year contract in force, leading to a lock in 2011. The new deal has no such option,because we wanted to guarantee the peace of union and not allow the owners to shake our hands again If, by 2021, there is no new contract, this means a base salary capped season, we lied to him this time, we will not let them in. We will strike,promised Smith.

Season 2010 segwithout a salary cap, but with a warning to the owners not to cross the limits of the wise.Jerry Jones (Dahl) and Dan Snyder (yours) did not obey him and were punished for violating a rule that was practically non-existent.Which has led to new disagreements between owners, the union and the League.

This agreement is in force until the end of February 2021. Until then, no new owners will resort to a lockout that will call out the 2021 season.of NFL have not been canceled since 1987.


Miami -;Baltimore 7: 31
Philadelphia;Buffalo 20:16
Jacksonville -;Tampa Bay 8:12

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