Watford - Arsenal from Engilsh Premier League

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Arsenal once again demonstrated its weaknesses and lost 1:2 at Watford`s visit.The Londoners took the break after Mertserker.They dropped to increase their advances as Iubius failed to overcome Gomez.The gunmen paid dearly for this.The hosts equalized after a controversial penalty made by Troy Deey and in the 92nd minute Tom Cleverley brought the success of Marko Silva.

The success climbed Watford to fourth in the standings while Arsenal was sixth with an equal number of pointswith Chelsea, Liverpool and Burnley.Wenger has managed to score first goal as a guest from the end of last season, but has only one point away from home in the four games of the current campaign.

The two teams did not create almost any goals during the first half,as there were no ideas on how to threaten the opponent`s door.However, Arsene Wenger`s team managed to reach a goal.At the first corner shot at the game, Mertacker overcame Cleverly and headed the ball into the net.

After the break, things on the pitch did not change as Watford had no idea how to get to the contender`s door.Alex Iubiy could have provided a more solid lead to the guests.Iosil, who appeared in a game analyzed by buy football predictions as a reserve, brought Iuby and he only had to overcome Eurelio Gomez but the goalkeeper made a great rescue.This proved decisive, as in the 71st minute the hosts managed to catch up.They were allowed to pay a penalty for Beharin`s violation, but the judge`s decision was rather dubious.Troy Deini was right from the white point for 1: 1.Marco Silva`s team could reach a complete turn, but the club saved Peter Cech and Arsenal.In the 83rd minute Deeyne found Capu and his shot from the border of the penalty area departed from Mertscher and the ball hit the beam.


0: 1 - Mertscher (39)

1: 1 - Diei (71-e)

2: 1 - Cleverley (92)

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