Bartomeu: `Barcelona might leave the Primera!`

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The President of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu confirmed the statement of the Minister of the sport of Catalunya that the team can leave the Primera Liga, in the event that the autonomous region is able to fight for independence. According to Bartomeu, the decision where Barca will play will be made by all members of the club. Last week, the Sports Minister of Catalonia, announced that Barcelona can take part in the Championship of any similar country - Italy, France or England.

`In the case of the Declaration of independence, the club and its members would have to decide in which League the team would play. We experience difficult moments and we have to take this decision with calmness and wisdom, thinking about all this, what might happen in the future!`, commented Bartomeu.

The President explained the decision the game against Las Palmas to be played in front of empty grandstands:

`We decided that we need to take some measures to show to the world our outrage at what happened. There were many variations of the protest, which we discussed with all directors, executives, coaches, and players. That was one of the hardest decisions that I took as the President of Barcelona. We discussed seriously the possibility to postpone the match adviced by buy football predictions but failed to get the approval of La Liga.`, said the President.

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