The Celts cheered on Annette

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The team of Celta defeated Real Sociedad in a battle of the 20th round of the Spanish Championship, played in San Sebastian. Jagos Aspas (21 - penalty) and Maximiliano Gomez (75) scored for the Gallic team. For the Basques, it was Villian Jose in the tenth minute. With success, Juan Carlos Unsue`s boys climbed to seventh. Chouri Urdin had three consecutive losses in La Liga.

In the tenth Vician Jose opened the result via livescore after a lovely centering of Chabi Accepted. In the 21st Aspas equalized from penalty after a violation against Hugo Mayo. Three minutes later the hosts also received a penalty. Villian Jose missed her, striking a beam. After the break the meeting was not that intense. In the 75th minute, guests of Vigo took advantage of a good center in the penalty area and took the lead. Max Gomez scratched his head. By the end, Eusebius Sakristan`s boys failed to catch up.



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