Manchester United punished Liverpool`s mistakes and won the battle for second place

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Manchester United beat 2:1 Old Trafford Liverpool in derby No200 between the big rivals in English football. Marcus Rashford (14 `24 `? ) Punished Merseyside defender`s mistakes in the first part and scored two identical goals to give a comfortable advance to the Red Devils. After the break, the guests dominated and managed to return to the game after Eric Bayey`s own goal (66 `). Liverpool`s pressure to the end, however, did not lead to an equalizer, so Manchester United won the battle for second place, pulling five points ahead of today`s rival. In the second half the guests had a penalty in two or three situations, but Craig Powson found no reason to judge one, although he could. Jose Mourinho could not count on Paul Pogba, who suffered an injury during the team`s yesterday`s training. Eric Baiy, Juan Matta and Marcus Rashford returned to the top. Jesse Linggard and Victor Lindelof stayed on the bench for the start.

A change was made by Jurgen Klop. James Milner was preferred to Jordan Henderson.

The duel began with special surprises, as the guests held the ball in about 80% of the time, and the `Red Devils` took the game by partners of live-stream in their half, acting very organized without leaving any spaces. In the 14th minute, Merseyside came to the first corner, but Salah was not well executed and the ball moved all the players out. De Hea played deeply in Liverpool`s half, Lukaku headed to Rashford, who started explosively on the left flank, fired a superb Alexander-Arnold and fired at the far corner for 1:0.

Liverpool was mobilized after this goal and the guests created three good attacks. In the 23rd minute Van Dijk was very close to equalizing after finding a corner kick. The ball, however, ricocheted in the Dutchman`s shoulder and came out. Here United repeated the exercise of ten minutes ago. De Hea kicked again in Liverpool`s half again, Lukaku again won the first ball fight, then led Mata through the center of defense. Van Dyke blocked Mata to shoot, but the ball came to Rashford, who shot from an identical position in front of Alexander-Arnold`s eyes - 2:0.

In the 39th minute, Matt missed a 3-0 draw. Sanchez turned left and the Spaniard was left alone in front of the goal area. Lovern`s cover ambushed and Mata tried the scissors. His performance was good, but the ball passed away from the door. Liverpool started the second part very positively. In the 48th minute, Van Dyke`s shot crossed the crossbar. A minute later Firmino took the technical pass Salah into the penalty area. The Egyptian was detained with hands by Young, but he did so. Smiling, however, managed to clear at the exact moment. In the 54th minute, Robertson met Antonio Valencia`s hand. Merseyside were pushing for a penalty, but a signal was not followed. The Ecuadorian`s hand was not clinging to the body, but there was no intention of acting. Liverpool`s pressure, however, resulted in the 66th minute when Manne broke through the right flank, then centered, and Bayie did not move

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